Oil Change

What does an ‘Oil Change Near Me’ in Marietta, GA mean today?  Today, it is not about changing out 5 quarts of oil. It is about a 7,500 or 10,000 mile Full Service Review of your car.

Modern cars require inspections and evaluations of every system. The most important part of your service call is to inspect each of these systems to determine whether there is an issue, and to fix the problem before it becomes acute and results in your car failing and leaving you stranded.

Your Owners’ Manual has a list of things that every auto repair shop in Marietta, GA should be analyzing when servicing your car.  We provide you with a Vehicle Report Card which analyzes the following:

  • Radiator Hoses
  • Belts
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Brake Fluid
  • Coolant
  • Washer Fluid
  • Battery Water Level
  • Battery Terminal and Cables
  • Axle Boots
  • Tire Tread, Pressure, Rotate
  • Brake Condition – Front and Rear
  • Air Filter
  • Shocks and Struts
  • Tie Rods, Ball Joints
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Fuel Filter
  • Fluid Leaks
  • Wiper Blades

So is it just an oil change? Absolutely not.  It’s a Full Service Review of your car.

Expect to pay more, but expect for your car to last a lot longer!  Since we are a NAPA AutoCare Center, all work is guaranteed across the country at over 13,000 locations.

For more information about finding an Oil Change Near Me in Marietta GA, call us or schedule an appointment.