Pre-purchase inspections are about your safety & your money, say Woodstock vehicle maintenance pros

When buying a second hand vehicle, it is important to speak with your auto repair team in Woodstock, GA, about a pre-purchase inspection. This type of inspection is designed to reveal everything there is about the vehicle’s systems, so you can make an educated decision about the purchase. Without an inspection, you could end up suffering financially and in terms of safety. The main purpose of this inspection is to make certain that you will not be faced with costly and unexpected repairs after buying the vehicle. Another reason is to guarantee that you are not in any danger of unexpected breakdowns or failing brakes. Both your safety and your money can be taken care of with a pre-purchase inspection. When taking your car to your local auto repair team, you can expect for the pre-purchase inspection to take over an hour. A thorough check of the belts, hoses, tires, brakes, air conditioning, heating and every other system of the vehicle will be carried out and documented. When the results are presented to you, you can decide if the vehicle is worth the price and if it is safe.

Aero Automotive offers professional inspections for used cars in Woodstock

If you would like to book an inspection for used cars in Woodstock, Aero Automotive is the place to go. Our expert auto repair team will insure that the vehicle is thoroughly assessed and that you are advised about the condition of the vehicle, and whether the vehicle is safe. The cost of a pre-purchase inspection is worth it when compared to the potential financial loss of a costly purchase. To book your vehicle for a pre-purchase inspection or to speak with one of our knowledgeable auto repair experts, contact us at Aero Automotive today.

What is included in a pre-purchase inspection in Woodstock, GA?

When looking to buy a second hand car in Woodstock, GA, it is advisable to visit your auto repair maintenance specialists to arrange a pre-purchase inspection. This particular type of inspection is designed to tell the buyer everything they need to know about the vehicle before making a purchase decision. If you want to know if the vehicle is worth purchasing, a pre-purchase inspection is essential. Without having a professional check of the mechanical and electrical systems of a second hand vehicle, your purchase may not be sound. Do not be a victim of a poor second hand car deal. Speak with your auto repair team first. When requesting an inspection for used cars, your auto repair maintenance specialists will spend over an hour going through each system of the vehicle. Once the inspection is complete, you will be advised of the condition of the car. A pre-purchase inspection will include checking the tires, hoses, belts, washer systems, brakes, air conditioning, heating system and so on. A thorough check is required to guarantee that you are not faced with unexpected repairs and breakdowns after purchasing the vehicle.

Book a Pre-Purchase Inspection at Aero Automotive in Woodstock

At Aero Automotive in Woodstock, GA, we will advise you on whether a second hand vehicle is in good condition. Our experienced maintenance specialists will go through each system of the vehicle to make certain nothing is overlooked after your test drive. Our auto repair team will insure your pre-purchase inspection tells you all you need to know about the vehicle so that you can make an informed decision. To book your vehicle for a pre-purchase inspection or to speak with one of our professional technicians, contact us at Aero Automotive today.

How to insure you buy a quality used car. Advice from Woodstock, GA, vehicle maintenance technicians

Buying a used car in Woodstock, GA, is less stressful if you make sure a professional auto repair team carries out a pre-purchase inspection on the vehicle. This is the only way to guarantee that you are purchasing a car that will not cost you a lot of money in the long run. Buying a second hand car can be a daunting process, but with the advice of auto repair professionals, you can make a decision with complete peace of mind. A pre-purchase inspection will involve an auto repair professional going through each system of the vehicle. This check includes the tires, brakes, hoses, belts, washer assemblies, air conditioning, heating systems and so on. The process takes over an hour to complete thoroughly and by the end, you can expect to know whether the vehicle is worth purchasing. Such an inspection is designed to let you know everything you need to know about the vehicle before the purchase. If any minor or major repairs will be required, you will know before you make the purchase and this information can help you negotiate a better price. Your local auto repair shop should be able to advise you about the inspection of used cars to make sure you do not waste your money.

Pre-purchase inspections offered by Aero Automotive in Woodstock

At Aero Automotive in Woodstock, we welcome you to bring in any second hand vehicle for a thorough pre-purchase inspection. We will insure that every system of the vehicle is checked so that you can be professionally advised on whether the vehicle is a wise investment. To book a pre-purchase inspection or to learn more about the process, contact Aero Automotive today.

Family-owned auto repair shops understand loyalty and quality service

164422 As an auto repair shop in Woodstock, GA, we know how important it is to be a family – and we’re not just talking about flesh and blood, we’re talking about belonging to the family of individuals who wake up in the morning thinking about cars and go to bed at night and dream about them! As people who are passionate about the inner workings of cars, we have a massive respect for the technology and engineering that goes into these machines – whether they are family runarounds, sports cars or sedans from our grandfather’s generation. Because of this, we pride ourselves on our experience and professionalism and won’t settle for doing work that’s anything less than perfect.

All of our work is:

  • Performed by mechanics that are wither ASE certified Master mechanics or are training to achieve this prestigious level of expertise
  • Guaranteed for the next 24 months or 24, 000 miles
  • Up to NAPA AutoCare standards
  • Of the highest quality, as are the branded and certified parts we use
  • Performed under the Peace of Mind Warrantee, which is honored in more than 13, 000 locations across the country, keeping you safe on all your travels
So if you are looking for a mechanic that’s part of the motoring industry family and is passionate about delivering the highest quality work and customer service, contact us at our auto repair shop in Woodstock, GA, today!

Auto repair fraud: Why you need a reputable auto repair company in Woodstock, GA


If you’re looking for the most professional and reliable auto repair company in Woodstock, GA bring your car into Aero Automotive today. Unfortunately, many people don’t think highly of auto repair shops in general because either they or someone they know has had a bad experience, whether they got ripped off, overcharged, or were sold parts and services they didn’t need. At Aero Automotive we strive to change the negative stereotype auto shops have earned by providing professional service, focusing on customer satisfaction and never overcharging or supplying customers with parts and services they don’t need.

Unless you know a lot about cars and auto repair, it can be easy to fall victim to dishonest mechanics. We believe that education is the key, which is why one of our goals is to educate our customers as well as provide repair and maintenance services. You shouldn’t be completely in the dark about what we’re doing to your vehicle, which is why we aim to be the most transparent auto repair company around.

We want you to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your vehicle is in good hands. Because customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, we will never charge you for services that your vehicle doesn’t really need and we will never charge you for parts that your vehicle doesn’t need. We stand by our repair and maintenance services and we offer warranties for much of our work.

If you’re tired of taking your vehicle from shop to shop with unsatisfactory results, call us and schedule an appointment today. We’re proud to be the most reliable and honest auto repair company around and we guarantee you’ll be more than satisfied with our professionalism and our work.

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Top 3 benefits of having your car serviced before you try to sell it

164422So you’ve had your car for a while and you’ve decided to treat yourself to something new. A full car service from a trusted auto repair company for your old vehicle is a smart move if you want to get top dollar for it, and here are the top three reasons why:
  1. You’ll get a better price. Getting the best price for your old vehicle is your priority, and when you’re able to tell potential buyers that your car is in perfect working order to just having a full service, they’ll be more prepared to give you your asking price. Buyers want peace of mind and they want to know that what they are buying will be a reliable and safe car. By servicing your car before you sell it, buyers will be far more confident in your assertions that it is well cared for and maintained.
  2. Your repairs will be guaranteed. If you service your car through a reliable auto repair company, any labor and parts used in the service will be fully guaranteed by the company. Find a company that offers a NAPA Peace of Mind Warranty and your repairs will be covered for 24 moths or 24,000 miles. This guarantee is a great asset for potential buyers, as the condition of the car is a serious concern when buying a used vehicle.
  3. You’ll outdo the competition. There are many used cars out on the market, so why should buyers come look at yours? Well, having your car fully serviced and guaranteed by a professional auto repair company is certain to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. Buyers will be worried that they don’t know the complete maintenance history of the car, and having guaranteed repairs on your vehicle will give them the peace of mind they need to be confident in making a purchase.
If you are interested in selling your used car, think about having a thorough car service before you put it on the market. Contact Aero Automotive today!

Buying a car? Get an auto repair company to check out the car first


Buying a used car can be a great bargain, but only if you know that it has been well maintained. That’s why you should have an auto repair company in Woodstock, GA that you trust thoroughly look over the car before you make any decisions or sign any papers. This way, you’ll have confidence that the car is worth the asking price and that you are getting a reliable vehicle that will be safe to drive for many years to come. The used car that you’re looking at should come with a full service history, but only an experienced auto mechanic will be able to tell you if the car has been maintained the way it should have been. The fee they charge you will be minimal, but repairs to a car that you thought was in perfect working order can run into thousands of dollars. Your auto repair company can check the overall running of the engine and battery and look for wear-and-tear on the battery cables and connectors as well as on the various belts. They will look for any signs of leaks from oil leaks to transmission fluid and battery fluid leaks. Your mechanic will be able to see if the car’s oil was regularly changed or not, and that could be an indicator of a poorly maintained car and potential engine problems. Additionally, your mechanic will check every other aspect of the car, from the condition of its brakes to the bulbs in your lights to make sure they are all in working order. If certain things need repairs, your mechanic can advise you on whether they are serious or not. Replacing a few burnt out bulbs is nothing compared to refitting an entire engine. If the repairs are small, you can bargain down the price of the car to budget in the labor and replacement parts. Your auto repair company will also know what sort of wear-and-tear to expect on a used vehicle, and can let you know if they think that the car has been well looked after or is actually in far worse condition than its age and mileage would indicate. In the end, it’s all about making sure that you have the knowledge and expertise at your fingertips to ensure that you know everything there is to know about the car you are considering buying, so you can make an informed decision. If you are looking at a used car, feel free to contact an auto repair company in Woodstock, GA like Aero Automotive and we will thoroughly look it over to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your money.

Services to Expect From Auto Shops in Acworth

auto shop in Acworth Georgia

Many people view their vehicles as investments, as it should be. Making use of the professional services of an auto shop in Acworth should be viewed as a further investment in your vehicle that will keep your vehicle in tip top shape, while keeping you and your family safe while traveling on the road. Life can become rather complicated and inconvenient without a reliable vehicle – just imagine the chaos completing seemingly mundane tasks like dropping off the kids at school, getting to and from work and doing the groceries without reliable transport. For these and other reasons it is always advisable to stay on top of your vehicle’s upkeep and maintenance. If you are wondering what services you can expect from an auto shop, then read on: Car’s suspension: When the suspension of your vehicle needs attention, an auto shop can check your car’s struts and shocks. Taking your car in for tire rotation will give the mechanic the opportunity to check the shocks and ensure that the vehicle is also properly aligned. States that require a yearly vehicle inspection will also require you to have this thoroughly checked out. It will also help you to handle your car much better.
  • Transmission fluids: Your car’s transmission system will operate much easier if you have enough transmission fluid. Completely replacing the transmission is much more costly than merely maintaining the car’s fluids. The brake pads and fluids form an important part of your car’s maintenance and you should constantly keep an eye on these and seek the services of a legitimate auto shop should you suspect anything being wrong.
These are only a few of the services you can expect from an auto repair shop in Acworth. Contact Aero Automotive for fast and reliable auto repair services.

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