Many drivers find out too late that how they operate their vehicle can have a direct impact on the life of their vehicle. By not having a good vehicle maintenance plan and by not properly operating their vehicle, expensive repairs can be needed. Auto repair professionals should be able to provide you with a variety tasks to consider to properly operate your vehicle, and these can protect it from potential long term damage and unnecessary expensive repairs.

At Aero Automotive in Woodstock, GA, we often repair vehicles that are damaged purely from the way they are operated. Below, we have detailed a few things to avoid if you want to protect the longevity of your car:

  • Forgetting to use the parking brake. This particular feature of your car should be non-negotiable. The parking break is designed to securely lock up your wheels so that the vehicle cannot roll backwards, especially if you are parked on a hill. When your vehicle is in ‘park’ mode without the parking brake engaged, you can strip the transmission’s parking pin.
  • Shifting into reverse without coming to a complete stop first. If you are guilty of this, you will find your gears will soon have no teeth, mesh or bands that allow the gears to easily shift from one gear to the next. Stripping the gears and bands in the transmission will result in your gears no longer being able to shift. Gear box replacements and refurbishments are very expensive and once the damage is done, there is simply no turning back.
  • Letting your car’s fuel tank run down to empty. We may all do this at some point, but it is something to be avoided. The fuel pump in your vehicle requires fuel in the gas tank to keep it cool. An overheating fuel pump can result in serious damage. Many people think they are saving money by refueling as little as possible, but in reality, you should ensure that your vehicle’s tank is always no less than ¼ full, especially if you want to avoid fuel pump issues in the future.

Aero Automotive Provides Professional Vehicle Maintenance Services in Woodstock, GA 

At Aero Automotive, our qualified and experienced mechanics will gladly advise you about your vehicle maintenance needs and let you know how you should operate your vehicle to protect it from potentially expensive damage. For more vehicle maintenance tips and advice, contact us at Aero Automotive today.